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Building Maintenance

AWP Consulting, Chartered Surveyors and Project Managers specialise in Building Maintenance. We provide a first class, personalised nationwide service from our base in North Yorkshire.

Establishing building maintenance costs is essential when considering your budget. AWP Consulting provides expert advice and assistance on these matters.

Building maintenance can be split into two broad categories: planned and reactive. As surveyors, we advocate having a planned maintenance programme but accept that this is not always possible.

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance be based on a comprehensive assessment of the property (or multiple properties in the case of a portfolio). Identified items can be assessed in terms of cost, priority, type, statutory requirements and so forth. The next task is to cast the items over an agreed period – say 10 years – concentrating attention on the early years. Ideally, this can be smoothed out to avoid excessive annual peaks or troughs, but this is not always fully possible. There are two ways of looking at maintenance: 1) fit a budget to the identified tasks and 2) fit the identified tasks the available budget. Often, it ends up with an amalgam of the two.

There are a number of ways of setting out a planned maintenance schedule, now almost invariably in electronic format. There are numerous commercial software applications available but it is also possible (and sometimes more appropriate) to use a simple spreadsheet or database.

As required, planned maintenance can extend beyond the identification stage into procurement and management of repair and decoration work.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is either when there isn’t a plan place or something has not gone according to plan. The focus for reactive maintenance is to minimise disruption to the client’s activities by resolving any problems efficiently, effectively and safely. This involves having a network of competent and available contractors.

If you think that a Planned Maintenace Report is of interest to you, please conact us, we would be happy to help.

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