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AWP Consulting for Commercial Survey York, Harrogate and Yorkshire

AWP Consulting for commercial survey York, Harrogate and Yorkshire.  Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

AWP Consulting are able to provide an tailored property portfolio management service. General estate management issues and obligations can cause stress and inconvenience. We can manage all property related issues, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Buildings and Property Services

This section includes our services for Commercial Survey York, Harrogate and Yorkshire for existing buildings and property, including Building Maintenance, Dispute Resolution and Surveys.

  • Building Maintenance: Establishing building maintenance costs is essential when considering your budget. AWP Consulting provides expert advice and assistance on these matters.
  • Building Pathology: If a building element fails, it is important to determine why it has failed, whether or not it needs to be fixed and a whole range of other issues. We can help determine what questions needs answering.
  • Dispute Resolution: We can offer an impartial opinion on both sides of the case in order to establish common ground where we can reach a satisfying conclusion.
  • Issue with Neighbours: We can help with a number of issues including Party Walls, Boundary Disputes and more.
  • Performance Management: From drafting service level agreements to benchmarking to identify areas that need service development, AWP Consulting offers professional performance management services.
  • Reinstatement Cost Assessments: Our fire Insurance Valuations service is essential when insuring your property in the event of a fire. We work in conjunction with insurance companies to provide the very best service for clients.
  • Surveys: Our surveys provide all the relevant information needed when considering a property for purchase. Depending on the type of property we provide different survey services.

Development and Construction Services

This section includes our services for proposed works, including Development Monitoring, Procurement Management and Project Management.

  • Development Monitoring: By overseeing a building project, whether it is a new build or refurbishment, we are able to ensure its smooth development on behalf the owner or manager. This service ensures that any potential problems identified are resolved as soon as possible.
  • Procurement Management: AWP Consulting draw from essential experience in procuring construction and maintenance works to help our clients in ensuring their project proceeds without a hitch.
  • Project ManagementAWP Consulting provide a wide range of project management services designed to assist clients in building projects and commercial expansions. By offering our experienced services we are able to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Landlord and Tenant Services

This section includes our services for landlords and tenants, for both existing and proposed leases. The services we provide are Dilapidations and Schedules of Condition.

  • Dilapidations: AWP Consulting assists both tenants and landlords in organising a schedule of dilapidations in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion. We offer two different types of schedules of dilapidations; Interim or Final.
  • Schedules of Condition: A report which consists of the condition of a property at a given point in time, often at the start of a lease. We can provide expert advice on how an official schedule of condition can be drawn up.

AWP Consulting for Commercial Survey York, Harrogate and Yorkshire

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