Building and Property Services York, Harrogate and Yorkshire

AWP Consulting offer services for existing buildings and property, including Building Maintenance, Dispute Resolution and Surveys.

Buildings and Property Services York, Harrogate and Yorkshire

  • Building Maintenance: Establishing building maintenance costs is essential when considering your budget. AWP Consulting provides expert advice and assistance on these matters.
  • Building Pathology: If a building element fails, it is important to determine why it has failed, whether or not it needs to be fixed and a whole range of other issues. We can help determine what questions needs answering.
  • Dispute Resolution: We can offer an impartial opinion on both sides of the case in order to establish common ground where we can reach a satisfying conclusion.
  • Issue with Neighbours: We can help with a number of issues including Party Walls, Boundary Disputes and more.
  • Performance Management: From drafting service level agreements to benchmarking to identify areas that need service development, AWP Consulting offers professional performance management services.
  • Reinstatement Cost Assessments: Our fire Insurance Valuations service is essential when insuring your property in the event of a fire. We work in conjunction with insurance companies to provide the very best service for clients.
  • Surveys: Our surveys provide all the relevant information needed when considering a property for purchase. Depending on the type of property we provide different survey services.
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Building Surveys York, Harrogate and Yorkshire

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Buildings and Property Services York, Harrogate and Yorkshire

Building Maintenance York
Building Pathology York
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Dispute Resolution York
Issues with Neighbours York
Performance Management York/
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